How To Play The Book Of Ra (Casino Game)

A Few More Tips On Playing The Book Of Ra

1)Chances Are

Yes, I quoted the movie, but it fits. This is definitely a game of chance. Do keep a few things in mind. Some like to take bigger risks when they have more money. That is the last thing you should be doing.

Just because you have the money, that does not mean you should invest it all. It is better(actually) if you do not. Since this is a game of chance, you are more likely to lose more. I know that seems obvious, but some players tend to still do the opposite.

2)The Game Itself

I might have said this in the other content, but it still bears repeating. Please do familiarize yourself with the rules before playing(the Book of Ra). Not knowing how the game is played could cause some mistakes, and therefore, you could lose money.

3)Pay Lines

Okay, so you have decided to bet the most you can. You think you have a pretty good chance of winning the current play. You will need to select all ten pay lines if you intend to go that route. The reason is that selecting all the lines will increase your chances of winning.

This tip only applies to players who have played the BookOfRa for a while. You already know your chances of winning.


This last tip is for all players. I do not care if you have just started or have been playing for a while, you still need to bet with a small amount of money. It is going to reduce your losses. I know that might sound contradictory to what I just mentioned, but listen to me. The maximum pay line betting is for those who know what they are doing. Only a few players get to that level.

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